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c parke   hallstrom


The paintbrush is an extension of Carolyn’s heart. It is the instrument that she uses to create colorful visual adventures for her viewers and herself. Her paintings are planned purposefully and executed intuitively employing the unique qualities of water based pigments. 


Landscapes, flowers, architectural structures and life experiences provide inspiration for her artistic expression. Ultimately Carolyn’s process is only a means to an end, which is to create work that lifts the spirit and takes the viewer on a joyful journey.





  • BS in Art Education from Indiana University, Pennsylvania



  • Professional career spent in art education, sales, marketing, training and development, and management.



  • 2020  Second Place: Roswell Fine Arts Alliance/Double Vision Show--"Dragon Queen"

  • 2019  Best of Show:  RFAA/Double Vision Show--"Facing the Storm"

  • 2018  Honorable Mention:  RFAA --"Roses a la Tiffany"

  • 2006  Award of Excellence: Anthem Festival of Fine Art

  • 2005  Merit Award: Society of Watercolor Artists--"Seduction"

  • 2004  Merit Award:  AZ Watercolor Association Spring Show--"Venetian Treasures"

  • 2004  Merchant Award: AZ Watercolor Association Spring Show--"Electric Dance"



  • 2007 Venetian Treasures - “The Artist’s Muse” Betsy Dillard Stroud

  • 2007 Electric Dance - “The Artist’s Muse” Betsy Dillard Stroud

  • 2004 Contributing Article - “Watercolor Magic” September  

  • Venetian Treasures - “The Artist’s Muse” By Betsy Dillard Stroud

  • November 2003 Electric Dance - “Watercolor Magic”

  • September 2004 Venetian Treasures - “Artist’s Magazine”

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