From an early age Carolyn found delight and refuge in various forms of artistic expression.  Her love for art resulted in her earning a BS in Art Education from Indiana University, Pennsylvania.  Her professional life began in the classroom teaching high school students.  Then came love, marriage and the baby carriage.  As a mother with three small children she would claim the pre-dawn hours to paint in oil and watercolor.  When it became necessary for her to re-enter the workforce, her art materials were relegated to cold storage and she began a demanding career in sales and management.  In the early 90’s she and her husband left the cold winters of western Pennsylvania and fled to sunny Arizona.  When she retired from business she was finally able to dust off her brushes and paints and resume her passionate pursuit of creative expression.


Carolyn has always been inspired by the wonder and beauty of God’s creation.  As an art student and teacher her preference was oil, but over the last ten years she has embraced the magic and fluidity of watermedia. She is a colorist and her fascination with colors, shapes, value contrasts and textures are reflected in her work.  


Carolyn is a juried member of The  Arizona Watercolor Association, The Sonoran Arts League, and The Arizona Art Alliance.  Her paintings have appeared in Watercolor Magic and The Artist’s Magazine.  The painting Electric Dance was selected for the book The Artist’s Muse by Betsy Dillard Stroud.  Carolyn also contributed to the article “Forever A Student”, which was featured in Watercolor Magic.  Carolyn’s work has received awards in juried exhibitions sponsored by The Arizona Watercolor Association, The Society of Watercolor Artists and The Anthem Festival of Fine Art.  

Carolyn’s studio, the ArtParke, is located in Scottsdale, AZ.